This page is for data and analysis of the use of the projects to improve education. This data and analysis will serve as a starting point for identifying how Wikimedia can improve its educational impact and effectiveness.


Improving education is defined here as increasing the knowledge and accuracy of people touched by Wikimedia projects, the effectiveness of teachers, and the interest of readers or participants in learning [more].

This is separate from the goals of improving empowerment of people to create and share their knowledge and to teach others.


  • How are Wikimedia materials being used in education?
  • How is contributing to Wikimedia projects becoming part of the process of learning, teaching, and learning how to teach?
  • What are the implications of widespread use of Wikimedia projects to education, both good and bad? How can we enhance the former and minimize the latter? In particular, the development of critical thinking skills through not only primary and secondary source anaalysis but through detailed source / history / revision analysis is valuable. [and something that was not meaningful in that it was almost never possible to do, as of ten years ago]