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Allow the Charity Source License as an additional (triple-licensing) license for Wikibooks. This would not imply a change of the standard licenses; the standard licenses would remain Creative Commons and GFDL.


The rationale for allowing Wikibooks to be used under the Charity Source License is, besides fundraising for charities, that Wikibook authors don't stop writing Wikibooks because they are allowed to allow other authors to make use of the material under the CSL. Furthermore Wikibooks that are worthy to be used for commercial publishing projects do possess that quality as Wikibooks already. Last but not least the Wikimedia Foundation doesn't ask authors for exclusive publishing rights; authors are free to do this anyway, they merely do not receive any help from the foundation to accomplish it.


Fundraising for charity.

Key Questions

  • With Unicef as a recipient of CSL donations: What is more important — the free book or the free school?

Potential Costs

  • Some authors might be motivated to discontinue their Wikibook work in order to sell improved versions. This should not be a significant problem because Wikibooks should be community projects.
  • Other authors might be motivated to discontinue their Wikibook work in order not to surpass CSL-licensed branches of their projects.


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