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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
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  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
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In her interview formulated Sue formulated the wish for our projects to have the number 5 reach in every country. Commons is in size bigger then the number 10 Wikipedia. It grew in the month October by 35%. We do not promote the use of Commons outside of the WMF and with video about to mature, it will certainly grow Commons more.


Implement the "InstantCommons" API into an application for a few relevant open source platforms.. Wordpress, Drupal Wave come to mind. Once we have a first implementation, we should improve it by providing search, first make it available and then improve it by providing multi lingual support.

Given that this proposal is about growing our traffic and usefulness, it needs to be combined with marketing to these platforms. I would not mind if we included support for commercial applications like Blogger .. :)


When Commons is able to grow 35% in a month, it is able to gain more traffic then the English Wikipedia. When we actively promote Commons, we will gain more multi media material. Our prime goal will still be Wikipedia but this will make Commons stand on its own as well.

Key Questions

In Paris we came up with the notion of staging areas. This will make Commons a lot friendlier and easier to people willing to contribute. This, the autonomous growth and the advent of video have the potential to grow Commons regardless of reaching out.

Are we willing to reach out to the outside world with our Commons and make it the multimedia Commons of freely licensed material of the world?

Are we able to host the technical aspects of a Commons that has the potential to double in size and traffic every year for at least the next five years ?

Potential Costs

The costs for expanding the use of "InstantCommons" are trivial compared to what it will cost to maintain the Commons infrastructure.. Many Wikipedians will not be happy to have the limelight move away from them for a change.


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