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Redirects are cheap, but redirects of category names need some software to make them work properly.

If we do this we can then open up multilingual projects like commons to nonenglish users by the simple expedient of creating redirects from any language we support to the existing categories which are mostly in english.

So whatever footbridge is in your language, the pictures categorised under footbridges should come up when you look for that category.


Change the software behind category redirects so that if one category is a redirect from another any article categorised under either will appear under either category; as will any article categorised under any other category that is linked to them by redirects.

On multinational language projects such as commons, create tables of possible categories in various languages by auto translator, along with an easy prompt screen for people to look at what comes up in that category redirect and either:

  • confirm it as a valid redirect
  • decline it as an auto translation error
  • Pass and let someone else review it.


This would help open up commons and other multilingual projects to non-English speakers, by making it much easier for people to find things regardless of their language.

Hopefully this would result in more photos and other material from commons getting in to our various wikipedias.

Key Questions

  • Can some of the mapping of redirects be automated, or assisted by bot?

Potential Costs

Some software investment


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