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A suggestion regarding the next On Campus Program of the Wikis in India. Just a thought!


I recently learnt that Wikimedia is starting a pilot On campus program in Pune, and that the India office is most probably going to be in the NCR. I am a student at the University of Delhi, and I am extremely interested in helping Wikimedia grow in my region/country. Scratch that. I don't think it needs my help! It would grow on its own once it started here. As a friend of mine from college very appropriately put it,'Need some help on anything under the sun? Wiki it!' (She did!) And so I would like to suggest that the next chapter/on campus program should be started in New Delhi. The diverse culture, the people, their dedication and passion for all things myriad and interesting, is astounding, which makes Delhi a good place to start, because all of the adjectives mentioned above apply to the Wiki's as well.


As mentioned earlier, I am a student at the University of Delhi. Everybody in Delhi is involved in something 'extra'. Exposure to various experiences to help you build your confidence is a key element in the education system of the city. I would say that writing and blogging are the most popular hobbies, and many of these people are really good. There is a wide plethora of people from all parts of the world. And of course, they're young, with fresh ideas and dreams. The NCR includes some of the fastest growing cities in India, with a horde of the younger population working in the MNCs and the BPO's. Gurgaon, one of the cities included in the NCR, is a prominent financial centre of the country, and has a section of the city dedicated to the same-Cyber City.

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