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Create and update quarterly a list of Wikimedians by number of edits, calculated across all our wikis (this is a sub proposal for Proposal:Add game-like features).


On EN Wiki we have long had en:Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits, and several visitors from other wikis have suggested broadening this out across the whole project.

At its simplest this is a list of Wikimedians by number of edits across the whole project, excluding bots, and replacing those who don't want to be on the list with "user opted out".

However such a list would be too big to be viewed as one report except for a short list of perhaps the top thousand or so, so it needs to be a user friendly queriable database, enabling people to:

Update - Almost done

We now have Meta:User:Emijrp/List of Wikimedians by number of edits

However it only takes your edits by each project, it does not add together edits from multiple projects. Also it only displays the 1,000 highest edit counts, so as of July 2010 you need over 49,200 edits to get listed.


To foster community feeling across wikimedia rather than just within individual wikis.

Key Questions

  • How do we identify and screen out Bots?
  • Apart from Ids linked by Single User Login, can we enable users to link together other accounts such as alternate accounts and accounts in different names on different wikis - such as users with a cyrillic name on Russian Wiki and an English name on EN Wiki?
  • The current EN Wiki list only covers the 4,000 accounts with the most edits, and omits info such as latest edit, previous position on list, highest ever position on list. This means that many editors won't appear on the list until after they've realised that edit count is unimportant

Potential Costs

  • some software, some updating to keep lists of unflagged bots.


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