Proposal:Make a sequel to "The New Guy" that has Dizzy Harrison using Wikipedia in college

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Make a movie called The New Guy 2: Barclay and Connor's Revenge that has a cameo of Wikipedia in it.


Wikipedia could be worked into a plot where Dizzy has to stop Barclay and Connor from making him the fool in front of his new University of Texas classmates (remember he was called Broke-dick in high school). It could be a direct-to-TV or a direct-to-Blu Ray film now that it has been seven years since the original was released to theatres.


Wikipedia needs to be used more in theatres and The New Guy needs a sequel badly.

Key Questions

  • Can we get the same cast from the original movie (The New Guy)?
  • Should we do a PG-13 rated film or just PG this time?

Potential Costs

filming, pre-production, post-production, advertising, theatre costs, casting costs, crew costs,


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