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I'll say ot shortly. We can turn Wikipedia Project into greatest library in the world.


ANYONE will be able to read his favourite books. EVERYONE will be able to know things, finding which can turn into days and weeks spent in real library. So, wiki can make its own blocking style: - created one of biggest music portal with free music. you can hear it - you cant download it. Sibelius Project - created a way of blocking user from printing or saving their music scores - they can just look at it and hear it.

So why cant we create smth like this? Library with all books of the world without going outside someone copyright?


It will be really greatest project in the world. And Wikipedia will be more visited site than even Google is.

Potential Costs

It will costs nothing if everyone in the world will scan and add one book or poem into WikiLibrary. But some time will be taken if we want to ask writers and companies about allowing this project.

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