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Many WMF projects rely extensively on bots (aka: software agents) for essential maintenance and monitoring tasks. The toolserver, and possibly some of the quality of such, can have a particularly detrimental impact on a project community through unreliability.


  1. That, through discussion with various project communities, the 'political' or 'ethical' scope of acceptable software agents is defined
  2. That WMF technical staff document standards for any software agent's maximum resource use, acceptable coding standards - or any freely-available guides they would accept - and a list of criteria that would be applied in security-checking and reviewing candidate bots


  • Wikinews relies on Melancholiebot to update a most popular articles section on the main page, at this time it has been dead for a few days.
  • A variety of other bots are used by multiple projects - such as those which auto-sign comments, revert probable vandalism based on content/contributor criteria, create interwiki links, perform project-namespace and user talk page automated archiving.

Key Questions

  • Resources required from WMF
  • Potential for trusted non-WMF people to audit code
  • Requirement for robust stop/start/pause frameworks

Potential Costs

  • WMF Developer Time


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