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Introduce adwords on search-result and disambiguation pages.


Introduce adwords on search-result and disambiguation pages. Adwords are - similar to - cost-per-click or cost-per-impression advertisments located on the right side of search-result and disambiguation pages. They can be text-only (title and 1-2 content lines) or banner ads (fixed sizes).

Advertisers can enter language, keywords and topics and wikipedia checks that no wikipedia principle is affected (e.g. neutrality of the text). Then the ads are placed randomly on relevant search-result or disambiguation pages. Content pages are not affected.

Users can choose to turn off advertising (see Proposal:Users Can Choose to Take Advertising)


There are several motivations for this proposal:

  • Advertisers get a new, highly reputated plattform for posting ads.
  • Wikipedia gets lots of money
  • Search result and disambiguation pages get an improved look

Key Questions

  • do we want ads or not
  • if we do want ads, how much should they affect pages (in this example no content pages are affected)

Potential Costs

  • definition & negotiation of contracts
  • clear and negotiatable concept of wikipedia priniciples
  • personnel to check ads against wikipedia principles
  • wikipedia might get a bad reputation (especially neutrality)
  • users might be annoyed


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