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A cameo by Wikipedia in at least one Hollywood summer blockbuster film in the year 2010.


The idea is to get more people aware about Wikipedia through the summer blockbuster Hollywood films that they watch (just like they got aware of Yahoo when it was used in the Inspector Gadget movie)


By seeing Wikipedia being used, advertised, or mentioned in a summer blockbuster movie, more people tend to come out being aware of at least the media image of Wikipedia. When Yahoo had a cameo in Inspector Gadget, it had the then-current theme music playing at the time (Wikipedia could either use its website or just the logo itself as its cameo).

Key Questions

  • How do we get the writers to place in a cameo for Wikipedia?

Potential Costs

sponsorship and advertising costs, time to petition the writers to add a Wikipedia cameo to a least one 2010 summer blockbuster movie (either action, sci-fi, or thriller)


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