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Currently, most texts on Wikibooks are written to no standard at all; some are written to an author-defined standard; but almost no significant portion is written to a real-world academic standard in use in K-12 schools. This is less of a problem for university-oriented texts, but in K-12 standards are very important. Assistance with research and drafting texts which conform to standards is a necessity to achieve a realistic chance of adoption in education.


The Foundation should work with other open-content textbook projects to provide Wikibooks contributors with resources to write texts that meet real-world standards.


Without meeting the standards set for K-12 education, texts will never be formally adopted. While it is technically possible for Wikibooks contributors to research and implement the standards, it is not very likely to happen. Other open-content textbook projects have directed resources towards this in recognition of that fact.

Key Questions

  • What do textbook authors actually need to write to the standard?
  • Should the Foundation pursue those resources independently, or pool with others in the open-textbook ecosystem?
  • What standards to we care about? US states?

Potential Costs

  • Time & energy to do research and assist textbook authors. Potentially a paid position, but could be shared between two or several organizations.


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