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About Task Forces

A Task Force consists of a group of people who engage in thoughtful deliberation on a single strategic topic for a fixed period of time in order to develop a set of recommendations for Wikimedia.

Task Forces do their work openly on this wiki. Anyone can participate in Task Force discussion. Ideally, each Task Force consists of about five core members, one of whom serves as the group's facilitator. The facilitator is responsible for facilitating conversation, keeping the group on track, and making sure the group fulfills its responsibilities. Due to the deep dive analysis nature of the work, it is hoped that task force members will commit a substantial amount of time and effort to this endeavor.

Task Forces have a few defined characteristics:

  • they are working groups that are small, provisional, and have a specific deliverable
  • Must declare a time frame (a defined start and end date)

While Task Forces are expected to do their work openly on this Wiki, they may also decide to use other tools to coordinate their work. In these cases, Task Forces should either link directly to those other tools or link to summaries of those conversations.

Task Forces will work in mutually agreed upon language. Work products (e.g. weekly reports, recommendations) should be translated into English and other languages.

Starting Task Forces

To propose a Task Force, create a wiki page for that group. Describe the mandate for the group, key strategic questions, and a proposed timeline. The next step is to recruit members. Once the group has formed, start working.

To begin, add the name of your proposed task force below. A template page will be created for you to create.