Community Health

One way to improve community health would be to provide for the community members more learning opportunities related to Wikimedia projects and community. These could include:

  • Programs based on live online interaction (such as chat, video conference, etc.)
    • Could include scheduled online classes for new users on editing, wiki culture, etc.
  • Communications training for more experienced users and OTRS volunteers

Where do people go for help for these things right now, and/or where do the people interested in providing this sort of support "live"? Please list places below:

  • WikiProjects
  • Help Desk
  • Reference Desk
  • conflict resolution pages
  • Village Pump
  • IRC chat channels
  • mentorship programs
  • OTRS/email support team
  • other web sites: blogs, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, GetSatisfaction…
  • noticeboards (COIN, ANI, …)
  • Strategy wiki
  • Outreach wiki
  • Instructional videos on Wikipedia (hosted on Commons)