How can we reach out to as many stakeholders as possible? How can we include the voices of people who are important, but who aren't necessarily going to come to this Wiki?

There are two important steps:

  1. Make it clear what strategic planning is and why people should care.
  2. Go to where the people are.

General Outreach

Postering. Mass mailings. Stickers. Get coverage in major blogs. Get coverage in minor blogs.


What are different ways we can tell the story of this process?

  • One way is to blog about it. Process/Storyboard contains an outline of how a series of blog posts might play out.
  • Another is make short video clips with personal statements of people who are already active and promote them via a you-tube channel.

Call for Participation

On September 14, Michael Snow and Jimmy Wales will put out an appeal for participation that will list three ways to participate:

  • Apply to work on a Task force (up to 10-hour week/commitment)
  • Submit your email address and areas of expertise as someone who could answer questions, but can't participate 10 hours/week
  • Blog/dent/tweet your ideas or about the process itself, or participate on this Wiki

We'll use the site notice to advertise the appeal.

For this to work, we'll need the following ready for translation by September 7, 2009:

  • Appeal letter
  • Application form
  • Automated response to form submission
  • Site notice

See Call for participation for more details.

This Wiki

This Wiki should serve as a central gathering / synthesis point, where we encourage people to share and refine their ideas. As such, we should encourage as many people to contribute to this site as possible, and we should make it a welcoming and productive space. Ways to do this include:

  • Site notices
  • Old-fashioned outreach

At the same time, we can't reasonably expect everyone whose voice we want to hear to come to this Wiki. At minimum, we need to encourage people to meet and discuss where they are most likely to meet and discuss, and use this space as a place to report-out.

Participants listed at w:Wikipedia/Adopt-a-User/Adoptee's Area/Adopters might be willing to help mentor new users on this wiki.

Wikimedia Site Notices

Wikimedia has four kinds of top of page messages that can be used to convey information or announcements to readers and editors. The "Sitenotice", found at MediaWiki:Sitenotice, is displayed at the top of all pages for all logged-in users, and for anonymous users if MediaWiki:Anonnotice is empty; this latter message can be used to display information only to readers, not editors. Alternatively, by 'blanking' the anonnotice, the sitenotice can be used as a "logged-in-notice" to display information only to editors. MediaWiki:Watchlist-details is displayed at the top of Special:Watchlist for all users who use this feature. There is also the CentralNotice, found at meta:Special:CentralNotice, an extension which displays banners at the top of all Wikimedia sites simultaneously. We're currently working on some text for CentralNotice at Process/CfP CentralNotice.

Stakeholders Reached: readers, contributors, volunteers


People listed on m:Wikimedia Embassy may be willing to act as ambassadors to this process.

Organize Meetups

See Meetups for what's on the schedule.

Develop tools and templates here for organizing Meetups.


Potential Readers / Contributors

Developing Countries

How can we include the voices of developing countries in this process?

  • Encourage people from developing countries who have Wiki access/literacy to participate on this Wiki
  • Participate in other electronic forums where people from developing countries are
  • Encourage people in developing countries to hold workshops, and summarize the results here.

What are key questions we would ask?

How should we regionalize developing countries?

  • For example we could use UN regionalization as defined in e.g. in Milennium Goals Progress Report (one page preview), so that lots of metrics gathered by UN can be reused. See also detailed breakdown of regions.
    • Northern Africa
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Southern Asia
    • South-Eastern Asia
    • Eastern Asia
    • Latin America & Carribean
    • Western Asia
    • Commonwealth of Independent States
    • Transition countries of South-Eastern Europe

What existing electronic forums should we reach out to?

What NGOs could we partner with?

What would a toolkit for hosting workshops contain?

  • Concise introduction to Wikimedia / Free Culture / Wikimedia Foundation. Can't presume that people know about us / have access to us
  • Tips on hosting events
  • Short list of key questions to ask
  • Template for reporting-out


Ways to reach out to non-core developers and users:

Wikimedia Foundation