Strategic Plan/Movement Initiatives Helping to Grow the Movement and the Projects

We hope to unleash new waves of creativity, action, and investment within the Wikimedia movement, spawning a second and sustained "gold rush," a burst of global activity and new energy that is directed toward making the Wikimedia vision reality. Through self-organization, the Wikimedia movement has already achieved great things. We think greater things are possible if we can, motivated by our collective goals and priorities, assumes the role(s) we find most intriguing, fulfilling, and energizing that will help us achieve them.

The strategic planning process has helped to articulate movement priorities. It enabled the Wikimedia Foundation to clarify its role and the major initiatives it will undertake in support of and partnership with the community over the next five years. The plan will only be successful if the Wikimedia movement can see itself in it, and movement members around the globe are inspired to play a role in making it a reality. This process started with robust response to a Call for Proposals; now is the time for action.