Gaps in recommendations: How to increase participation in under-represented group?

Fragment of a discussion from Village pump/en

On the recommendations page (Task force/Recommendations), I've added a section for those task forces that were unable to come to a recommendation, and a proposal by Sara Crouse (the WMF Head of Foundation Relationships) to address one of those gaps. I hope that those people who care about particular "gap" issues will take the chance to do the same thing with other areas that interest them!

~Philippe (WMF)23:58, 13 January 2010

The reader conversion group really seems to have had alot of discussion on the subject. I bet that if their discussions are summarized and the main themes crystalized, that group ain't very far from at least having identified the main problems to solve. Maybe some strategies also would turn out from such a summary. This was pretty much what I did with the Local language project Task Force when it didn't take of. Don't think I have time at the moment to do something simmilar for that group though.

Dafer4516:31, 16 January 2010

I am a huge fan of wiki services although this is my first peek behind the curtain so to speak. I'm sure this might have been mentioned as a way of recruiting more contributers, but I was thinking links back to a few of your personally edited wiki pages would look impressive listed on a persons resume web page. I could see the opportunity to strengthen one's resume experience, as a very legitimate reason to become an wiki editor. If explained well to the millions of wiki users, I'm sure you would substantially boost your numbers across the board., 23 February 2011