Goal and function of this page

This page is a space for collecting data and analysis regarding participation in the various Wikimedia projects. This collection of data and analysis will serve as a starting point for identifying growth opportunities for the various Wikimedia projects.

For purposes of this process, participation is defined as contributing to the Wikimedia projects, which might include authoring/editing an article, serving as an administrator, leading offline outreach efforts, and the like. Participation does not include users who only read articles on the Wikimedia projects. (For more on readers, please see Reach.)

Data and analysis on participation

Discussion regarding this data and analysis can be found on the talk pages of each of the subpages below.

This section is an overview of the available data and research. Research is falling into three broad categories:

This section examines the current participants in Wikimedia projects: by segment, past growth trends, and future growth trends.
This section examines drivers of participation for Wikimedia projects.
This section examines how Wikimedia might reach out to attract new participants and the barriers that non-participants face.


For early discussions see m:Participation, MeatBall:CollaborationBooster.

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Drivers of participation

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At this point in the process, we've collected questions and proposals: now it's time to discuss them and to see how they tie to a greater vision. Below are a few links that might be of interest.

Questions that need answers is a great place to start the discussion.
»  Where should Wikimedia go? | Call for proposals
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