At present, there is little need for additional administrators, but as the wiki grows, so will the need.

  • Trusted users (who need not be administrators—simply users with clue and experience) or administrators from other sites will be granted administrator status by local bureaucrats as needs dictate, without needing to go through a "nomination" and "election." They should simply propose their name. When volume dictates, they will be added.
  • Suspected compromised administrator accounts will be de-sysoped while the situation is sorted.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation's steward team is empowered to deal with vandalism or other issues (in line with their usual duties) on this wiki.

List of administrators

The following users have sysop rights on Strategy:

  1. Eloquence (talk)
  2. Cbrown1023 (talk)
  3. MZMcBride (talk)
  4. Wutsje (talk)
  5. Juliancolton (talk)
  6. Phoebe (talk)
  7. Mwpnl (talk)
  8. ChrisiPK (talk)
  9. Az1568 (talk)
  10. HereToHelp (talk)
  11. HenkvD (talk)
  12. Dedalus (talk)
  13. Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton (talk)
  14. Tempodivalse (talk)
  15. FT2 (talk)
  16. Theo10011 (talk)
  17. Kozuch (talk)
  18. Keegan (talk)
  19. Gopher65 (talk)
  20. KrebMarkt (talk)
  21. Diego Grez (talk)
  22. Avicennasis (talk)
  23. Hoo man (talk)
  24. Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy (talk)
  25. Nemo bis (talk)
  26. MC10 (talk)
  27. The ed17 (talk)
  28. Hydriz (talk)
  29. Teles (talk)
  30. Savh (talk)
  31. Wikitanvir (talk) (steward)
  32. Pmlineditor (talk)
  33. Courcelles (talk)
  34. Ruy Pugliesi (talk)
  35. Beria (talk)
  36. Mono (talk)
  37. axpde (talk) (steward)
  38. Ebe123 (talk)
  39. White Master King (talk)

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